Sauti Sol’s Savara Reveals Something Special About His Parents

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

Injured member of Sauti Sol by the name Savara Mudigi has been getting a bunch of visitors this past few weeks who come to see how he is doing. Among the visitors are his parents. For the first time ever, he decided to share a photo of his parents. Not only that, he also shared some details about his relationship with his parents. Just check out the message.

I rarely show my parents on social media because I respect their privacy but today I just had to. I remember when I moved out on my own, it broke my mom’s heart. They used to call me almost every day to check if I was okay and how I was coping with life. But that was nothing compared to the pain in my mom’s eyes when she saw me in crutches. She just stood there with tears trickling down her eyes wondering whether I’ll ever walk again. My dad is a strong dude though, he keeps telling me to focus on the what matters most as this is a true test of my will and that soon i will get back to doing what I do best, making music and rocking the stage. Thank you mom and dad for your love and prayers. My road to recovery continues…