Secular Turned Gospel Artiste Lady Bee Talks About Her Drug Addiction

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2014)

lady bee

Lady Bee, now a gospel artiste, initially used to be a secular music artiste and had done the hot song “Genge Love”  with Nonini and also ‘Mrembo’. Her first gospel single was ‘Nakiri’ which she released late last year.

During the time she was at the top of her secular music career, very few people knew what was going on behind the scenes. Lady Bee was addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and bhang.

She recently did an interview with the Nairobian newspaper and she revealed how drug addiction had affected her life. She said: I bet no one ever noticed I was high. I could not do without cigarettes, bhang or alcohol. I also consumed ‘Miraa’. It’s unladylike, but I needed something to neutralize ‘steam’ from bhang and cigarettes. At some point bhang wasn’t enough for me. I was tempted to upgrade to cocaine and other hard drugs.

Lady Bee changed when she got invited for a ‘kesha’ and got born again during the night service.


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