Security Guard Drives Pajero Into Many Cars In CBD (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2015)

Some people should just be kept away from cars. Today, a security guard with no driving experience decided to try and test his imaginary driving skills in the busy streets of Nairobi CBD.

Rumour has it that he was given the keys by the owner as he was rushing to his office, most likely to park it. He then got overwhelmed with the whole experience of driving a big expensive car then ended up ramming into around 7 cars after he lost control. These happened in a parking lot near International House opposite KenyRe building. Enjoy the photos of the INSANE PARKING STUNT

IMG-20151022-WA0004 IMG-20151022-WA0005 IMG-20151022-WA0009 (1)12170160_10206839180290913_399244028_n 12170222_10206839175170785_1874027744_n 12170386_10206839179690898_541629651_n 12170410_10206839174730774_2037264567_n 12170685_10206839179450892_322567492_n 12177828_10206839175330789_1864222738_n 12179068_10206839175530794_659049517_n 12179293_10206839174930779_1255967643_n 12182034_10206839179890903_28542823_n 12182053_10206839179130884_427313226_n IMG-20151022-WA0009

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