Why Shaffie Weru Is Planning On Shaving His Beard

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2017)

For the longest time, Shaffie Weru has next fully shaved his long beard such that people would barely recognize him if he was ever to shave it off. Well, the day has finally come for the Kiss FM presenter to shave it all off.

He gave this reason as to why he wanted to do this:

“The breaking news video we posted online was to announce that this is about making history. We intend to break the world record that currently stands at about 2400 men shaving at one time…as team #BeardGang we want to break that record by doubling the number.”

We accepted the challenge because we are doing it for Kenya.  Beard Gang never looses when they set their eyes on the prize. The other reason we are doing it is to prove the haters wrong that the beard is fake or mbalaaass because be sure in a matter of weeks the beard will grow right back!!!”