Shanna Riley – Inside The Life Of Roman Atwood’s Ex Wife

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2020)


Shanna is famous as Roman Atwood’s ex wife. She was born on 21st February 1983 in Utah, USA. Her full name is Shanna Janette Riley. No information is available on her early life, education or her parents.

Shanna was married to Roman Atwood and together they had a son by the name Noah Vaughn Atwood. They started dating in 1999 and got married on 17th November 2001. They later separated after Roman discovered that she had cheated on him with his colleague. The man was a member of Roman’s production crew and a mutual friend. Roman then filed for a divorce which was finalized in 2010. They had a huge court fight over child’s custody but they were both granted joint custody.

In 2015, she got a court order to keep Roman from featuring Noah in his vlogs but this only lasted for a while. She also got a restraining order against Roman. On October 2015, Roman was granted custody of Noah with the mother allowed to spend time with Noah during Christmas time. He was also allowed to include Noah in his vlogs.

They are currently doing a good job at co-parenting with Noah still spending time with both his parents. This is show on their family vlogs but Shanna is not part of the blogs.

No information is available about her current relationship and career at the moment.