Sheila Mwanyigha Is Going Back To Her First Love

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2015)

sheila mwanyiga 2

AM Live TV presenter and former radio queen want to get back to music. That is her one true love. It has been very evident that she has been away from music for a number of years. She is now wants to bring forth something new and classic.

This is what she said on Facebook:

MyFirstLove You never really do get over that which you
loved first. Especially when it’s God given!
My Dad and Mum sang and played instruments for a living in
the Police Band. It was everywhere growing up.

Music has helped me get over some of the hardest times in
my life. Music helped me clear my first degree in university.
Music landed me my first job in a radio station, where I was
surrounded by music everyday. A chat about local music with
a South African tv crew landed me my first television show
which aired across Africa.I got to host an East African reality
music show for 5 years. 3 weeks after a horrible car crash,
MTV and 112 were in Nairobi to shoot a music video for me.
Music, Music, Music!!!!

Music is calling me again. Scary, but exciting! If you have
supported Nikki in any way over the the years do let me know!
What was your favorite song? And your favorite video?
#NikkiSings #NikkiMusic”


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