The Shocking Story Of The Woman Harassed By An Uber Driver In Kenya

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2016)


Uber is taking over the taxi business in Nairobi. Its cheap prices has made the service very popular to those who regularly use taxi services since they end up paying more than half of their usual prices.

However its not always a bed of roses for Uber since stories of harassment by drivers have started popping up online. One that went viral last weekend was by a lady by the name Catherine Njeri who narrated her ordeal on Facebook.

11215875_10153529456396295_3807719708203467298_n 12814762_10153529456556295_232809906983735055_nAccording to Uber Africa spokesperson, Smantha Allenberg, has been barred from using the Uber platform since safety has been compromised. She sought to reassure Kenyans that the online taxi platform is safe.