Size 8 Addresses Separation From DJ Mo Rumors

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been together ever since she decided to convert into gospel doing full on gospel music. The two have grown together tremendously not only spiritually but also financially since they met when they were both hustling.

A recent rumor that Size 8 had separated from her husband has grabbed the attention of the singer that she had to address it. She said:

“It is alleged that Size 8 moved out of their matrimonial home during Easter after she allegedly found incriminating evidence that her husband, DJ Mo, was cheating on her.”

“My marriage to DJ Mo is steadfast. I do not know the genesis of the reports claiming that Mo and I have separated. We still live in the same house, we still love each other. I am used to gossip being created around my life. When I got saved four years ago, I trended for a whole week on social media, with some quotas claiming, then, that my salvation was not genuine. I proved them wrong over time. Currently, I am an ambassador of an initiative known as Pima Pressure, and today (May 13), I posted a video on Instagram about the campaign; and toward the end of the video, if you watch it, you’d hear my husband, DJ Mo, speaking to me. That is enough evidence to counter allegations that we are not together as had been reported.”

“I am praying against forces wishing DJ Mo and I a break up. But again, my marriage is based on love and faith. My heart, nonetheless, won’t break when I read reports about us that are not true. I am used to people talking.”

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