Size 8 Upgrades Her Car To This Expensive Machine (PHOTO)

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Gospel musician Size 8 is one of the most popular female gospel musicians in the country with among the highest demand to perform in live shows. This has generated her a considerably large steady income over the past number of years. Not only that, she has also bagged a bunch of lucrative endorsement deals from big companies like Soft Care Diapers and has hosted various TV shows such as Pambio Live and Uchumi Super Shopper.

Size 8 is now a multi-millionaire after starting her career all over again ever since she switched to do gospel music. To celebrate her success she has decided to upgrade her car from a Toyota Celica which she has owned for a number of years to a Jaguar XF 2016 which costs around Ksh4.8 million.

Her old car


The new machine


A couple of months ago her husband DJ Mo also upgraded his car to a sleek Range Rover

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