17 Songs About An Ex You Still Love

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2019)

Sometimes after a break up we find it hard to move on hence we always have that ex we have feelings for. If you are caught up in such a scenario, here is a list of songs to resonate with:

1. Usher feat Alicia Keys – My Boo

This is a duet between two of the biggest R&B star and the song was so good it sparked rumors that the two were dating even though that didn’t happen. The song provides both a male and female perspective of a former couple whose feelings for one another still linger despite not being together anymore.


2. Mariah Carey – We Belong Together

The song was able to earn the title of the second longest running #1 song in US chart history after staying in the position for 14 weeks.


3. Justin Bieber – That Should Be Me

This is teen pop ballad in which Bieber sings about losing his love.


4. Maroon 5 – Whiskey


5. One Direction – Infinity

This is the second track released from One Direction’s fifth studio album.


6. NeYo – Do You

NeYo reminisces about an ex and he is torn by the way things ended. Even though she moved on, he wonders if she still thinks about him theĀ  way she thinks about her.


7. Kygo feat Valerie Broussard – Think About You


8. Clean Bandit – I Miss You

The song is about missing a romantic partner of a relationship that recently ended. She is still attached to her ex and wishes to be near them.


9. Bowwow – Outta My System

Bowwow is thought to be addressing his breakup with Ciara which was rumored to be as a result of Bowwow cheating with Ciara’s friend Ashley R.


10. Chingy feat Tyrese – Pullin Me Back

The song is about a relationship where a lover is distressed over the thought of leaving but feeling there is something that keeps pulling them back to be in the relationship.


11. Ed Sheeran – Happier

The track describes Ed’s mindset after learning that a girl he broke up with has already found a new man.


12. Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

This is a song from Bruno Mars’ second studio album that talks about a pre-fame heartbreak as he regrets a girl that he let get away.


13. Adele – Don’t You Remember

In this song Adele admits her own personal flaws as she begs her ex lover to recall why he initially fell in love with her.


14. Passenger – Let Her Go

It has been described as a melancholic song with somber lyrics


15. Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under

Billie sings about not recovering from a heartbreak. She misses her ex but knows that they are no good for her.


16. Kygo – Not Okay


17. Drake – Marvin’s Room