8 Songs About Being Unwanted & Ignored

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2021)

When you are unwanted or ignored by others, you can end up isolated and loneliness can start creeping in. Below is a list of songs that touch on the feelings of being unwanted or when you feel ignored and no one wants to pay attention to you:

1. Lorde – Liability

Lorde wrote the song based on herself. She said it about her just feeling the pressure of people finding it difficult to be friends with her or close to her. She has spent most of her time alone.


2. Simple Plan – Astronaut

The lyrics of the song suggest intense feelings of loneliness. The “astronaut” cannot seem to find anyone who understands them.


3. Avril Lavigne – Unwanted

The track was inspired by Avril being rejected and hurt by one of her boyfriend’s parents.


4. Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home

The song talks about a girl who has a lot of problems torturing her and how she feels rejected.


5. Hunter Hayes – Invisible

This was the lead single from Hunter’s sophomore album Storyline. He talks about the verbal abuse and the social isolation he endured from his peers.


6. Rebecca McEntire – All Dressed Up


7. Taylor Swift – Tolerate It

The track is about wanting love from someone who isn’t even paying attention to anything you do for them.


8. Cadmium – No Friends

The song is about how having “no” friends can be alright.