9 Songs About Coming Of Age

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2021)

Generally, coming of age is when one finally grows up and becomes an adult or be at a maturity where you can now do some things that you couldn’t do before. Below is a list of songs to listen to when you feel you have finally come of age:

1. NF – When I Grow Up

On the track, NF goes ahead to share what he aspired to be when he grows up. He wanted to be a rapper rather than go to college and end up working a nine-to-five job.


2. Taylor Swift – 22

Taylor goes ahead to celebrate being in her early 20s and uses it as a feeling of youthful exuberance and freedom. It is a time in her life when her worries are few and possibilities are endless.


3. Alessia Cara – Seventeen

In the song, Alessia has finally attained the age that she wished for when she was younger. However, she wishes she could go back two years and follow the advice of her parents.


4. Beyonce – Grown Woman

The track featured in a 1 minute Pepsi commercial that chronologically showed Beyonce’s past success with her current hits. It talks about finally being old enough to make your own decisions.


5. Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song

In the track’s video, we see Carrie getting married and reassures her mother that she has raised her well to do the right things. She asks her not to worry about her.


6. Bebe Rexha – Not 20 Anymore

Bebe gives out the message that it is okay to be older and you become a better person in the process.


7. Alessia Cara – Growing Pains

Alessia shares the struggles she has been having as a 21-year-old woman with a lot of stuff happening. She also talks about the loss of innocence and how frightening it is to take on adult responsibilities.


8. Foster The People – Coming Of Age

The song is about a moment of clarity and getting a clear look at things.


9. Rascall Flatts – My Wish

The lyrics on the track are about good wishes upon someone in your life as they come of age to leave and start a new path in their lives. It can be applied to kids who have finally grown up and are ready to move out.

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