15 Songs About Crushes & Liking Someone

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

A crush normally refers to romantic feelings for someone that go unexpressed. However, not all crushes are of romantic in nature but they do reveal a desire to connect with another person on a deeper level. Below is a list of songs about crushes and having a crush on someone:

1. Who Is Fancy – Boys Like You

In the song, Meghan Trainor likes a guy with who she is friends and wants him to know how good she feels when she’s around him. She is also willing to break all the rules of love to be with him.


2. Khalid & Normani – Love Lies

The track revolves around the intimate connection between two people but they question the boundaries and feeling for one another throughout the song.


3. Ariana Grande – Into You

This is an uptempo, sexy flirty track from her third studio album Dangerous Woman.


4. Clean Bandit – Mama

The song is about how the experience of falling in love for the first time can change your relationship with yourself just as much as it changes your relationship with the other person.


5. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

The song is about liking a man who is taken by an unworthy partner.


6. Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You

This is the lead single from Carly’s third studio album E.MO.TION. The song is basically saying ‘It’s not love yet, but I like you, so what do you think?’


7. Yuna feat Usher – Crush

This is a sultry duet where the two singers exchange sweet nothings. Usher has a crush on a lady but she doesn’t know anything about it. She has always fallen in love with the wrong person and ended up broken. He doesn’t want to waste time anymore.


8. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

The song tells the story of a boy who is too wrapped up in a toxic relationship to see how much another girl likes him.


9. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

The track is about a girl who met a cute guy and worked up the courage to ask him to call her.


10. Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself

This is a celebration of love overcoming inhibition.

11. Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

The track is Fountains of Wayne’s most popular song and was among one of the first songs to reach the #1 spot on the “Most Downloaded Songs” list on iTunes. It is about a pubescent boy who is more interested in his female friend’s mom than the friend herself.


12. Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

Taylor shares the story of unrequited love she felt for her classmate Drew Hardwick. He would often ask her for advice and date ideas for his girlfriend and she would give him ideas to be a good friend.


13. Dave Archuleta – Crush


14. Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love


15. Lionel Richie – I Call It Love

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