9 Songs About Family Problems (Issues)

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2021)

Not all families are perfect. Problems creep in from time to time and may even end up breaking families. They end up causing negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger. Here is a list of songs that talk about various family problems:

1. Three Days Grace – Home

This is the third single from their album Three Days Grace and was released on October 2004.


2. Pink – Family Portrait

This is a song about a broken home. Pink had experienced her parents’ divorce when she was nine and explores their problems through her perspective as a child.


3. Pink – Runaway

The song is from the album I’m Not Dead.


4. Good Charlotte – Emotionless

The track is a letter to his dad who left them a long time back. He tries to ask him why he left and why he treated his family poorly.


5. Good Charlotte – Christmas By Phone

He wrote about his father in this song telling him how the Christmas was not the same without him.


6. Less Than Jake – Escape From A Bomb House


7. Martina McBride – Concrete Angel

This is a song about a little girl who is abused at home but lets no one know what has been happening to her until it’s too late to save her.


8. Staid – For You

This is the fourth single from the album Break The Cycle. It is written from the perspective of a child in need of his parents help but the parents overlook their child’s request.


9. Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You

This was a song she wrote when she was 16 years old as a reflection of the impact on her parent’s divorce when she was 6 years old.