13 Songs About Insecurities

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2021)

Insecurity is the feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty. A vast majority of us feel insecure about a certain aspect of our lives and this is influences by things like your childhood, social anxiety, perfectionism, critical parent or partner, loneliness etc. If you are struggling with insecurities, here is a list of songs you can relate to:

1. Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty

Carrie exposes her vulnerability and insecurities. She tries to empower others and enable them to feel comfortable doing the same.


2. Pink – Happy

In the song, Pink delves into her self confidence & doubt. She also sings about why she feels the way she does.


3. Halsey – I Hate Everybody

Halsey had gotten tired of her insecurities getting the best of her so she made the song to be just about her without the opinion of anyone else mattering.


4. Meghan Trainor – Nice To Meet Ya

The song talks about accepting that no one is perfect and ignoring the hateful comments that people may leave.


5. Halsey – 3AM

Halsey sings about the calls to friends and lovers early in the morning to feel loved.


6. SZA – Drew Barrymore

In the song, Drew portrays an unassured version of SZA. The lyrics indicate low self-esteem especially in a relationship that is so unbalanced. It also touches on dealing with insecurity and questions companionship along with self-worth.


7. Lorde – Liability

Lorde said the song is about her feeling the pressure of people finding it difficult to be friends with her or be close to her. She decided to be her own best friend and learned how to


8. Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me

This is a nitty-gritty song about hating yourself. Pink sings about how she hates the way she looks and how she has very low self esteem.


9. Gnash – I Hate U I Love U

Olivia offers to erase her own personality in order to assume that of another woman so as to get the relationship she idealized.


10. Beyonce – Love Drought

The song is off the album Lemonade and in this track she blames her partner’s infidelity on herself.


11. Beyonce – Pretty Hurts


12. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses

Ellie was inspired by the time when she wasn’t comfortable enough with herself to date since she didn’t believe she was of any value.


13. Tyler, The Creator – November

In the track, Tyler worries about the validity of his music style. He depicts his insecurities with regards to his life, career and relationships.