17 Songs About Letting Go Of Someone You Love

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2019)

Letting go someone who meant so much to you and whom you share so many great memories may be one of the hardest things. However, when a relationship goes sour there is no choice but just to move. Here is a list of song talking about letting of someone you love:

1. Demi Lovato – Stone Cold

This is a tender ballad about wishing an ex the best in another relationship. Demi performed this song for the first time at the Highline Ballroom in New York in 2015.


2. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

The song was originally written by Dolly Parton and Whitney recorded it for her 1992 film The Bodyguard. It ended up topping the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks.


3. Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants

In the song, Selena Gomez reveals that she had a million reasons to let go of her then boyfriend Justin Bieber but she continued to be with him to please her heart.


4. James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover

James recorded this song while he was in Carrie Fisher’s bathroom since he had no money to get a decent studio.


5. Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

The song narrates wanting to move on from a failed relationship but Alicia is struggling to overcome constant thoughts of her lover.


6. Jordin Sparks – Tattoo

Jordin Sparks says this song is about somebody who comes into your life and really touches you. When they leave, you won’t just erase them from your memory if things go wrong.


7. The Script – The Last Time

This song is from the band’s sixth studio album.


8. Katherine McPhee – Better Off Alone


9. James Bay – Let It Go

The song is about young love that went wrong so the couple was forced to breakup.


10. A Great Big World – Say Something

The song represents the struggle of someone giving up on a relationship. There is a plea to their significant other to say something to reverse the failing relationship.


11. Gloria Gaynore – I Will Survive


12. Adele – Someone Like You

This is the second single off Adele’s album, 21. It speaks about Adele coming to terms with the end of a relationship. It is one of Adele’s most commercially successful singles.


13. Pink – So What

This track was written during the separation between Pink and her husband Carey Hart.


14. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

It was the second single from Kelly Clarkson’s second album and peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.


15. Adele – Send My Love

In the song Adele wishes the very best to her ex lover as he embarks on his new relationship. She acknowledges that she is grown up now and even if she is reminded of how it was when they were young she doesn’t care anymore about it.


16. Westlife – If I Let You Go


17. Passenger – Let Her Go