13 Songs About Love Triangles

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2021)

A love triangle is generally a romantic relationship that involves three people and often two of the people are competing against each other for the undivided romantic attention of the third one. Oftentimes, it can lead to someone getting hurt. Here is a list of songs about love triangles.

1. R Kelly & Usher – Same Girl

R Kelly and Usher team up to share an interesting story of a beautiful girl that they both happen to be dating at the same time.


2. Beyonce feat Shakira – Beautiful Liar

This is a collaboration that was influenced by a mix of Shakira’s Latin and Middle Eastern sounds with Beyonce’s contemporary hip hop and R&B sound. The message in the song with two women who discover they have been cheated on by the same man and instead of wasting their time trying to fight over him they agree he is not worth fighting over.


3. Lana Del Rey – The Other Woman

The song explores the darker side of being the titular woman in a three-sided relationship.


4. Kelsea Ballerini – The Other Girl

The track is about two girls being cheated on by the same man coming together and deciding not to hate each other. Instead, they decide to be empowered.


5. Taylor Swift – Cardigan

This is one of three songs that explores a love triangle from all three people’s perspectives at different times in their lives.


6. Ariana Grande – Ghostin

Ariana talks about being with someone while loving a different person.


7. Taylor Swift – Betty

The song touches the aftermath of the song ‘august’. Taylor portrays a person named James asĀ  one who can’t own up to their mistakes while Betty recognizes her worth. James lost the love of his life but doesn’t understand how to get it back.


8. Taylor Swift – August

This is a story told from the point of view of the girl James cheated on Betty with. The storyline is preceded by ‘cardigan’ and followed by ‘betty’.


9. Trey Songz – Last Time

In the track, Trey decides it’s time to break it off with his side chick now that it’s getting too hot with a high risk of getting caught with his main girl.


10. Usher – You Make Me Wanna

Usher said the inspiration behind this song was created by a trip he had to Los Angeles where he fell in love with another girl despite being in a relationship with a different girl.


11. Nelly, Kelly Rowland – Dilemma

The song has been very popular since its release in 2002. It has been referred to as one of the biggest songs in the careers of the two artists.


12. Ella Mai, Chris Brown – Whatchamacallit

The song is about two people cheating on their partners with each other and the mischievous nature of their situation just makes it more exciting.


13. Avant – Lie About Us

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