12 Songs About Memories and Good Times

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2019)

Everyday we form memories as we experience life and as we get older we may want to spend sometime to just take a moment and remember the good times we experienced. Here are some songs that speak about memories and good times:

1. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out

The song is sang in the first person, with the story being told by both the character Blurryface and an anxious Tyler feeling intense childhood nostalgia.


2. Halsey & Khalid – Eastside

The track is about two people who fall in love. It follows their journey through their relationship as they reminisce about their memories together.


3. Macklemore feat Kesha – Good Old Days

This one is about making the most of life so years later you aren’t dwelling on past experiences with regret. The singer take a look back on his own experiences that might not have been appreciated as much at the time but were good times.


4. Adele – When We Were Young

Adele described the setting of the song as a party with old friends and acquaintances.


5. Ed Sheeran – Photograph

The song talks about preserving love in a picture so that they can always remember those beautiful moments.


6. Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill

Ed Sheeran sings about his upbringing in the English countryside town of Framingham, Suffolk.


7. T.I – Memories Back Then

The song was done in collaboration with BOB and Kendrick Lamar. Each of them gives a story of a time when they were young.


8. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

The song is about innocence and its loss. It goes back to the childhood and teenage years of his time and now as an adult his father’s words of wisdom help him times of hard situatons.


9. Lady Gaga – Always Remember Us This Way


10. Kenny Rogers – Through The Years

This was the second single from Kenny Rogers’ “Share Your Love” album which peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 100 Hot Chart.


11. Green Day – Good Riddance

The song was written by Billie Joe right after he broke up with his girlfriend.


12. Maroon 5 – Memories

The song is a reflective look back at the past while also paying homage to those in our lives who may no longer be with us.