10 Songs About Not Being Perfect

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

Being perfect in every single aspect is an impossible task since no one in this planet is perfect. We can only make improvements on ourselves and be better people. If you are struggling with thoughts of perfection, here is a list of songs:

1.Rag n Bone Man – Human

This is a song expressing the inability of humans to be perfect of even fix many of the problems in real life. It expresses the difficult things we all feel but find it hard to express. It also acknowledges our problems and limited ability to resolve them.


2. Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

Justin unveils his soft and vulnerable side in response to the mistakes he made during the course of his career. He wants to show everyone that he has changed. Since he grew up in the spotlight, his mistakes were magnified.


3. Christina Perri – Human

In this song, Perri says she is willing to do anything for the person she loves but she isn’t perfect and her relationship with this person is breaking her down.


4. Meghan Trainor – Nice To Meet Ya

In the song Meghan tries to be immune to the mean comments on social media and opinions of others since she knows she can’t be perfect. She has also done a lot to try and improve herself.


5. Selena Gomez – Who Says

Selena says the track was intended to inspire people and fire back at the haters especially those involved in cyber bullying.


6. Anne Marie – Perfect To Me

Anne tried to get her fans to feel good about the way they look. Her main goal was to have a song that made people feel better about themselves.


7. Beyonce – Pretty Hurts

This is a frank and personal take on what beauty is. It looks at the perfection and the impossible standard of beauty set in society is corrupting the nation. We all try so hard to reach that singular, narrow minded area of “perfection” despite beauty itself being subjective.


8. Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful

The song is about body image mainly directed at women. It talks about things that women go through on a daily basis in order to feel loved or in order to love themselves.


9. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

The song is about people loving themselves for who they are and loving their insecurities plus having fun with it.


10. Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me

Ed is unsure of why their partner loves him since he has so many flaws.