14 Songs About Psychos

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2019)

A psycho is a deranged or psychopathic person who is seen as unstable. If you are currently dealing with psychos in your life then here is a list of songs that resonate with such a situation:

1. Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho

The track is about a girl who is misunderstood in a relationship and this is making her think that she is going out of her mind and psycho.


2. Mariah Carey – Obsessed

This was the lead single off Mariah’s 12th studio album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. It singles about a guy who is obsessed with her and he was lying to everyone about the things they supposedly did together.


3. Taylor Swift – Black Space

Taylor Swift adopts a character where she combines the various portrayal of her dating persona. The song starts from the first stages of love and proceeds to it being messy when her jealous, clingy, obsessive and abusive side comes out.


4. Green Day – Basket Case

The song is about Billie Joe’s struggles with anxiety before he was diagnosed with a panic disorder.


5. Halsey – Control

This is a personification of Halsey’s bipolar disorder and she describes it as one of the most difficult songs to write about.


6. Muse – Psycho

This is the lead single from Muse’s Drones.


7. Melanie Martinez –  Tag You’re It

It covers the topic of sexual assault, utilizing the children’s game “Tag” as a metaphor.


8. Eminem – Stan

In the song, Eminem corresponds with a crazed fan who becomes increasingly unhinged as the story progresses. He becomes more unstable when Eminem doesn’t acknowledge him.


9. Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Miranda track down her ex’s new girlfriend and threatens her in order to teach her ex a lesson


10. Evanescence – Snow White Queen

Amy describes a moment in her life when she was dealing with a crazed fan who became a stalker outside her house. This ended up forcing her to spend the night in a hotel.


11. The Police – Every Breathe You Take

The song was perceived to be a love song but the lyrics are spoken from a character with sinister intent. Sting wrote this song after the divorce from his first wife. He wanted to write from a point where he was seen as sweet but ended up coming out as controlling.


12. The Creep feat Nicki Minaj & John Waters

This a song down by SNL’s in house rap parody group The Lonely Island and they dedicated this track to all the creeps out there.


13. Jason Derulo – Be Careful

The song is about a girl that Jason met while on tour then proceeded to have a one night stand with her. She ended up becoming obsessed with him and started stalking him.


14. The Beatles – Run For Your Life

The lyrics in the song deal with an abusive relationship where the narrator implies that he is threatening to kill his girlfriend if she cheats on him.

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