16 Songs About Relationship Problems and Arguments

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

In every relationship, at one point or another, an argument is guaranteed to pop up due to different issues that arise. Sometimes relationships undergo major problems that may be hard to solve hence leads to long periods of conflict. If you find yourself in such a situation, here is a list of songs that you can resonate with:

1. Maroon 5 – Wait

In this upbeat pop song, Adam Levine asks a girl to stay and hear him out while she is leaving. He wants to make up for the times he was a bad boyfriend to her and tries to make her stay.


2. Hailee Steinfeld – Rock Bottom

This song is about two people who shouldn’t be together but are still unable to let go and move on despite their relationship hitting rock bottom.


3. 5 Seconds Of Summer – Young Blood

The track is about the push and pulls of a relationship.


4. Mariah Carey – Angels Cry feat NeYo

The song is about holding out hope that a relationship can be saved


5. Rudimental – These Days

Rudimental sings about reflecting on the troubles of a past relationship. There is also hope that when all the dust is settled you can meet and laugh about the times you spent together.


6. Pink – Just Give Me A Reason

The song won a Grammy for the best Pop Duo/Group Performance.


7. Anne Marie – Heavy

This song deals with the perils of a crumbling relationship.


8. Ariana Grande – Almost Is Never Enough

The track is about a couple’s relationship which hadn’t gone right. The girl would like to say things were going well but she knows that’s a lie.


9. Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants

Selena pours out her emotions as she explains her account of her relationship with Justin Bieber and justified why she remained with him for long despite the issues in the relationship.


10. Maroon 5 – Girls Like You

The song is about a couple reconciling after things not going right in their relationship.

11. NeYo – When You’re Mad

Here Ne-Yo sees the bright side of things whenever his girl gets made at him and they start fighting.


12. Khalid – My Bad

Khalid sings about the various communication problems in the relationship and the worsening up of arguments.


13. One Republic – Let’s Hurt Tonight


14. The Chainsmokers – Kills You Slowly

This song talks about a couple that is fighting and on edge trying to salvage what’s left of a broken relationship. They put on fake personas and try to hold in arguments, fights and disagreement to please others.


15. The Chainsmokers – Do You Mean


16. Ne-Yo – Mad

In this song, Neyo sings about not wanting to argue anymore and wanting to solve all the issues before they go to bed. He hates how they won’t talk and he wants that to change.

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