12 Songs About Young Love

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2021)

Young love is when two young people experience intense emotions for each other most likely for the first or second time in their lives. It often occurs among teenagers or really young adults. It is often confusing since those experiencing it generally lack experience when it comes to romantic relationships. Below is a list of songs that talk about young love:

1. Taylor Swift – Love Story

Taylor was inspired to write the song when she was going through a difficult situation with a boy she really liked when she was younger in high school.


2. Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke

In the song, Khalid convinces a love interest that their youth allows them to be young and dumb. He also feels like there’s no need for romantic commitment.


3. Clean Bandit – Mama

The track is about experiencing love for the first time and exploring the attractions she is feeling.


4. Kygo & Ellie Goulding – First Time


5. Taylor Swift – Mary’s Song (Oh My My)

The song is about the early years of the love story of Taylor Swift’s neighbors who had known each other since they were just kids.


6. Khalid – Location

This is a story of young love and searching for something we all want in life no matter who we are.


7. Benny Blanco – Eastside

The track focuses on the relationship of two people who fall in love and it follows them as they go through their relationship as they reminisce about their memories together.


8. Kip Moore – Young Love


9. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Katy said that the song is about capturing the thrilling feeling of first love.


10. Alicia Keys – Teenage Love Affair

The song speaks on how teenage love affairs are while in high school.


11. The Chainsmokers – Young

The track is about remembering the break up of a teenage relationship and also looks at all the great moments shared between the two former partners.


12. Luke Bryan – Too Damn Young

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