10 Songs About Your Ex Moving On

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

When an ex partner moves on to a different relationship it can be quite hurtful if you are not really over them. If you are in such a situation here is a list of songs about your ex moving on that you can resonate with:

1. Ed Sheeran – Way To Break My Heart

In the song, Ed sings about how deeply he is in love with someone and how being away from her break his heart. He reveals that she broke up with him as she was dating someone else.


2. Ed Sheeran – Happier

The song describes Ed’s mindset after learning that his ex girlfriend that he recently broke up with was already with a new man.


3. Drake – Marvin’s Room

Drake drunk calls his old flame while he’s in a club and vents his feeling of loneliness as he remembers the times they had. He also tries to get her to leave her new man.


4. Ne-Yo – Do You

Ne-Yo reminisces about an ex and he is torn with the way things ended so he writes he a letter talking about his feelings and wonders if she thinks about him even though she has moved on.


5. Ne-Yo – Part Of The List


6. Demi Lovato – Stone Cold

This is a ballad about wishing an ex the best in another relationship.


7. Camilo Cabello – Cry For Me

The song is about a situation where a couple breaks up and one moves on sooner than expected. The other is left wonder why it didn’t take that long.


8. Adele – Someone Like You

The track speaks of Adele coming to terms with the end of a broken relationship and wishes him the best in his next relationship.


9. Adele – Send My Love

This is an upbeat record directed towards the guy Adele dated between the album 21 and her ex husband.


10. Cher – Lloyd – Want You Back