10 Songs When You Start Thinking Of Your Ex

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2019)

Feeling blue

Not all relationships last forever. Some die off due to one reason or another. If your ex meant something to you, you may never really forget them. Hence once in a while they will keep popping back into your mind. Here is a list of songs you can resonate with if you keep thinking of your ex:

1. Zedd & Elley Duhe – Happy Now

In this song, the artist sings about an ex who left her. She is also wondering if they are really happy with what they did.


2. Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know

This is a song about past lovers whereby Adam doesn’t want to know what his ex-lover has been up to or who she’s been with since they broke up.


3. Sam Smith – Palace

Sam wrote this song in Nashville. He was looking back on the ghosts of his lovers and claimed that no matter how many times his heart breaks, real love is never a waste of time.


4. Bow Wow – Outta My System

Bow Wow is addressing his breakup with Ciara who was his former girlfriend. He sings about how he is always thinking about her and wondering how her life is going.


5. Ne-Yo – Part Of The List

This is a song from the album Year of the Gentleman. He sings about all the things he misses about his ex.


6. Bryson Tiller – Exchange

Bryson gets personal about a past break-up and fantasizes about igniting an old flame.


7. Usher – You Remind Me

The track is about how Usher meets up with a girl who remind him of someone whom he used to date.


8. Ella Henderson – Ghost

Ella sings about a past relationship that was one of the worst but she still continues to love her ex.


9. Zara Larsson – All The Time

This is the third single from Zara’s third studio album.


10. Tove Lo – Out Of My Mind

Tove Lo said the songs is for those people are at a place where they have moved on from a relationship and are sort of okay but they still have that little scar which will always be there. The thoughts about that person will always keep coming back.

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