South African MPs Blame Parliament For Their Obesity

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2014)

south african fat mp 3

Obesity is a condition caused by consuming food containing too much fat, more than what the body requires. Some South African leaders are complaining of too much food given to them in Parliament. This has caused them to be very fat.

south african fat mp 2 south african fat mp

So what food are they served in parliament

Breakfast: Sandwiches, full cream yoghurt, fruit, coffee, cake, tea, sausages etc

Lunch: Meat, lamb chops, fried and roast chicken, samosas, steaks, fish and so much other types of meat. There are also hake medallions.

There are some starters before lunch and this can be salad or soup. Their lunch is usually a three-course meal. Another thing that the parliament provides is a gym exclusive for the MPs but some never use it

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