The 10 Biggest Exporting Countries in the World

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2015)

A country, same as any business, has to sell its products to make money. Listed are the 10 biggest exporting countries in the world

10. United Kingdom – $479.2 billion
The sixth largest economy in the world is the United Kingdom if we look at nominal gross domestic product and if we look at purchasing power parity, it ranks at eight. It is second largest in Europe, only second to Germany. If we look at a per capita basis, its gross domestic product is the 22nd largest in the globe, both in purchasing and nominal power parity terms. If we look at exports, its main products are manufactured goods, sup, chemicals, beverages, food and tobacco. Its main export partners are the United States, which gets 10.6 percent of all country’s trade, and Germany, which accounts for 11.6% of its exports. Other important export trading partners are Belgium at 5.7%, the Republic of Ireland at 6.4%, France at 7.8% and the Netherlands at 8.4%.

9. Russia – $520.3 billion
The eighth largest economy in the world is Russia, if we look at nominal gross domestic product and sixth in terms of purchasing power parity. The country is filled with an abundance of valuable metals and fossil fuels, including oil, coal and natural gas. Even if it was also a hit with a recession, it has generally made it through the global financial crisis. The country’s main exports are petroleum and other petroleum products, metals, natural gas, wood, other wood products, chemicals, manufacturing products and military weapons and hardware. It mainly exports to Poland at 4.3%, Germany at 4.6%, Italy at 5.6%, China at 6.5% and Netherlands are at 12.3%.

8. Italy – $524.9 billion
Italy has the ninth largest economy in the planet in terms of nominal gross domestic product. It has a really developed infrastructure and diversified industrial economy. It mainly exports engineering food, drinks, minerals, tobacco and nonferrous metals. They mainly export to Switzerland at 4.69%, the United Kingdom at 5.13%, Spain at 5.69%, the United States at 5.92%, France at 11.57% and Germany at 12.6%.

7. Netherlands – $550.2 billion
The 17th largest economy in the globe goes to the Netherlands, however, its high per capita allows it to be among the ten richest nations on the planet. Its economy was hit by the global financial crisis, with the economy deteriorating, banks going bankrupt and unemployment rising. But still the Dutch have always shown to be resilient and have managed to keep a top credit rating from reputable agencies. The country is well skilled in trading, having made the stock market. It mainly exports equipment and machinery, fuels, chemicals and food items. It mainly exports to Italy at 5.2%, the United Kingdom at 8.8%, France at 8.9%, Belgium at 13.7% and Germany at 25.4%.

6. South Korea – $552.8 billion
The 15th largest economy in the world belongs to South Korea. It mainly exports semiconductors =, motor vehicles, wireless telecommunication equipment, computers, steel, ships and petrochemicals. They mainly export to Japan at 7.1%, the United States at 10.1% and China at 24.4%.

5. France – $589.7 billion
France has the fifth largest economy in the world if we look at the nominal terms and ninth in purchasing power parity numbers. It has always been part of the most developed economies on earth. It mainly exports machinery, agricultural products, aircrafts, transportation, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, iron, electronics and beverages. They mainly export to Netherlands at 3.99%, United States at 5.6 percent, United Kingdom at 7.04%, Belgium at 7.44%, Spain at 7.8%, Italy at 8.16% and Germany at 15.68%.

4. Japan – $787 billion
If we look at nominal terms, Japan has the third largest economy in the planet and it is ranked fourth in purchasing power parity. It also has the largest electronics goods industry. They mainly export semiconductors, motor vehicles, steel and iron, auto parts, plastic materials and power generating machinery. The mainly export to South Korea at 4.7%, the United Arab Emirates at 5%, Saudi Arabia at 5.9%, Australia at 6.6%, the United States at 8.9 percent and China at 21.5%.

3. United States – $1.497 trillion
The largest economy in the world spot belongs to the United States, with a purchasing power which accounts for fifth of the global gross domestic product. Filled with natural resources and well-developed infrastructure, it is one of the richest nations on the planet. They mainly export industrial supplies and materials, capital goods, automobiles and its components, consumer goods, food, beverages, feed, fuel and petroleum products and aircraft and its allied components. They mainly export to United Kingdom at 3.5%, Japan at 4.5%, China at 7.1%, Mexico at 14% and Canada at 18.9%.

2. Germany – $1.547 trillion
Germany has the fourth largest economy in the planet if we look at nominal terms and it is fifth in the area of purchasing power parity. It is the largest economy in all of Europe. Even if it is not filled with raw materials as only lignite and potash salt is found there in notable amounts, it is nonetheless still the second largest exporter in the globe, with exports taking up a third of its economic output. They mainly export stuff like machinery, vehicles, computer and electronic products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, transport equipment, metals, food items, textiles, rubber and plastic products. They mainly export to Switzerland at 4.4%, Belgium at 4.7%, Austria at 5.5%, China at 5.7 percent, Italy at 6.2%, the United Kingdom at 6.2%, Netherlands at 6.6%, the United States at 6.8% and France at 9.4%.

1. China – 1.904 trillion
The second largest economy in the world is China. Its main exports are electrical machinery, apparel, data processing, textiles, steel, iron, optical and medical equipment. They mainly export to Australia at 4.6%, Germany at 5.3%, the United States at 6.8%, South Korea at 9.3 percent and Japan at 11.2%.