The Humongous Size Of Thesis Justice Ojwang Submitted For His PhD

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2015)


Last week students from University Of Nairobi graduated in their various respective fields. Among them was Jackton Boma Ojwang who is a lawyer and also an associate justice of the Supreme Court Of Kenya.

Ojwang is actually the first law doctorate PHD graduate in the history of University of Nairobi. One thing that really stood out was the size of his thesis that he submitted for his final examinations.

Jackton-Boma-Ojwang-2 Jackton-Boma-Ojwang-3 Jackton-Boma-Ojwang-5 Jackton-Boma-Ojwang-6 Jackton-Boma-Ojwang-7 Jackton-Ojwang-1 Jackton-Ojwang-2