The Most Amazing Rides At The Subaru Festival

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2015)

The 4th edition of the Subaru Festival went down at the KICC last weekend. Various enthusiasts of this beautiful car brand showed to quench their car thirst. There were a number of activities such as Timed Obstacle Street Race, Blindfold Obstacle Race and Obey The Sound Challenge.

There were various awards such as Best Sound, Best Interior, Best Body Art, Best Rim and Tyres, Best Engine and Classic Car. Check out the photos.

CNAfsktU8AAO3-4 SF-1 SF-2 SF-3 SF-4 SF-5 SF-6 SF-7 SF-8-1 SF-10 SF-12 SF-13 SF-14 SF-15-1 SF-16 SF-111

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