The World’s 10 Most Expensive Crazy Foods

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

We all have that feeling of wanting to celebrate something special by doing something special for ourselves. This can range from a lot of things but mostly we would spend lots of our cash to go to a nice restaurant and eat an exquisite expensive meal. You may question some of the expensive meals out there but as long as you have money on you, you would still buy it to make yourself feel nice.
Some of the foods listed here come from remote places on earth, hence the pricing. Others might be seen as a meal only fit for royalty and VIP people. You can even have a meal of gold. Crazy isn’t it? Anyway, here is the top 10 costly foods that you guys may or may not think it’s worth trying.


10. Civet Coffee: $100 Per Cup

For those out there who love that great cup of coffee in the morning, I introduce to you the world’s most costly coffee. You can enjoy Civet Coffee only for $100 a cup. Interesting fact. The coffee cherries that go into making this coffee are produced by feces from the wild Asian palm civet. You might think that you would not want to drink that but before you ignore this coffee, the coffee has a sweet aroma and smooth round taste because of the civet’s digestive track. This goes to show that one person’s poison can also be another person’s food. And delicious food too.


9. Wagyu Ribeye: $250 Per Steak

Wagyu Ribeye is only produced by rare cattle kept in Japan. These cows are massaged in order to prevent cramped muscles due to the tight places they are kept in. They are also given beer but don’t worry that has no direct impact on the taste of their steak. Nonetheless, the meat from this cows have an excellent flavour and texture. For those who really love steak, dig in your wallet for that $250 dollars and go enjoy yourself a delicious Wagyu Ribeye. You are likely to not regret it.


8. Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn: $250 Per Bucket

billion dollar popcorn
Popcorn is great for watching movies or just having a little snack when you are hanging out with friends. This popcorn just takes those events to a whole new level. This Billion Dollar Popcorn is salted with the most costly salt found. has butter from Vermont creamery, and the caramel is made from organic sugar. And remember what I said earlier about eating gold. This popcorn is topped off with 23-karat edible gold flakes. Who would not want to eat that type of popcorn. Makes the regular popcorn we buy seem so inferior.


7. Pule Cheese: $1,000 Per Kilogram

For all you cheese lovers out there, pule cheese may be the right thing for you to try. This cheese is manufactured from milk produced by Balkan donkeys from Serbia. Because these donkeys can only be milked 3 times a day, and they produce so little milk that you need 15 donkeys just for a gallon, a kilogram of the cheese is valued at around $1,000. This cheese is known for its one of a kind taste and its rich saltiness. Just try it for yourself and see how good it really is.


6. Golden Phoenix Cupcake: $1,000 Each

This cupcake is made only from the premium Ugandan beans and first class Amedei Porcelena chocolate. It is then frosted with chocolate icing and topped off with edible gold dust. People would be eating a lot of gold from the foods on this list actually. Anyways, this delicious cupcake is just sold for $1,000 each. Before you say that the cupcake is too expensive, listen to this. The money made by selling these goes to help children through the World Food Program. You get to help and you get some deliciousness in your tummy. It’s a win win.


5. Saffron: $1,500 Per Pound

A saffron is produced from a flower called the purple crocus. Careful manual labour is used to handpick three stigmas from each flower in order to make this spice, making it the most expensive spice in the world. But it might be worth it. Use the extra $1,500 to buy this spice to be able to enjoy it in a meal of your choice. Don’t worry about what to do after you use most of your money.


4. 230 Fifth Hotdog: $2,300 Each

For all those hotdog lovers out there, you would just love to go out and buy this hotdog. The 230 Fifth restaurant is responsible for making this delicious hotdog and sells it for around $2,300 per hotdog, Even though it is that costly, it is worth every penny. This hotdog is topped with only the finest caviar around and it is as long as a baseball bat. The money made by this hotdog is donated to charity so go out there and buy one. And before you go, you have to order this hotdog 2 days before If you want to go and try it.


3. Yubari King Melon: $12,000 Each

yubari melon
I know that most of you on this list won’t even think of paying more that $10 dollars for a fruit, but this is a special fruit. The Yubari King Melon is farmed from the greenhouses in Yubari and only sells for $12,000. It is well known for its sweetness as well as its aesthetic proportions. Why buy this melon specifically. Well, no one would sell something for a lot of cash if it wasn’t really good, which means this one is super delicious. Go and try it for yourself especially if you already love melons.


2. Edible Gold Leaf: $15,000 Per Pound

edible golden leaf
For that special occasion in your live, you should go out and just get yourself this gold edible leaf for just $15,000 per pound. And if it is a really special occasion make sure you get a 23 or 24-karat gold on those leaves, for the purest and enjoyable taste. This leaf is so popular in the Oscars to put in drinks and other stuff. Makes you feel classy when you buy this.


1. Almas Caviar: $25,000

almas caviar
This food is not only expensive but also rare, since you just can’t find it anywhere. The Caviar is packaged in a metal bathed in 24-karat gold making it worth $25,000. Don’t you want to feel like a king? Then forget about paying the bills and taking your children to school and choose to buy the Almas Caviar. It will be worth your while.

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