These Are The Super Crazy Demands By Rick Ross Ahead Of His Nairobi Concert

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

Rick Ross is is causing a panic among the local concert organizers after he gave his list of demands through his management. Some of them will be almost impossible to make them happen. It is a common practice for musicians to give out a list of demands apart from their performance fee that will  make their stay even more comfortable for them.

Here are some of the most outrageous demands by Rick Ross that will make you understand why he calls himself the Boss.

  1. 30 round trip air tickets including 10 first class tickets. The books should be made through specialty travel services only and not just any regular travel agent.
  2. A helicopter should be provided for interview appearances and transportation for the concert venue.
  3. Four ‘conversion’ vans will have to be availed with two licensed chauffeurs trained in defensive driving from a company of high repute. The van have to be premium tinted windows.
  4. Three entire floors in a 5 star hotel with the Presidential suite reserved for the Boss who will require round the clock services of a butler and a personal chef, preferably Michelin starred.
  5. No recording devices will be allowed during the performance. They will have the right to delay the performance should any unauthorized recording devices be found in the concert.
  6. 3,500 bottles of Luc Belaire bottles, 1,500 fresh white towels and 200 bottles of lemon flavored sparkling water must be at the hotel before the entourage arrives.
  7. Mombasa Road and Langata Road should be closed shortly before, during and shortly after the convert.

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