“I Thought Of Committing Suicide 3 Times” Reveals Oga Obinna As He Shares Life Story

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

Oga Obinna is currently ranked among the most popular comedians in the country with a large following on social media. Before all the fame and money, he was really struggling to survive in the big city of Nairobi. He was forced to sleep in the streets due to inability to pay rent.

Yesterday on Instagram, he shared this story:

I was once kicked out of my house in Kaloleni I couldn’t pay rent. It was 3k a month.( 30days I couldn’t raise 3k)
I was once a Street Boy in this Same same City.
I Lived in a salon in Kije(Majengo) with my friend ICY.(he was a rapper)
I slept hungry on many occasions
I was the first one in the morning at Industrial Area to offload Trucks 90kg maze Bags- for 130/-
I put Kebs Tags on Pasta and Macaroni packs then we use to be given the expired ones that we would take with Open Arms to go eat in Makongeni where we Lived with
Sammy/Kenyatta/Izo/Stevo/Isah and I in Makongeni MixT4 Door4 (6men in 1 room)
I acted Setbooks for free
I used to do Rap/dancehall at KNT and MC DaFactory club for free.
I Lived in Fred Omondis house for over 6months
I Lived in a single room with Owago and Othuol in South B for 6k and we couldn’t pay.
I camped outside Scratch Records daily so that the producer Roba could just record 1 song for me.
I did club shows in town for 300-500bob.
Everyday I try to be a better person.The memory of where I’m from makes me work harder and never give up.
I was fired from Nation over 3 years ago(been jobless for over 3 years)but I live better now than when I was employed and tied down to a salary.
I’ve thought about commiting suicide 3 times before when I was suffering.But i didn’t.
What am I saying??
I try to do better nowdays/be better/treat people with respect and kindness because you never know that waiter/watchman/streetboy you are treating badly will be tomorrow.
I’ve been down,I’ve been up its never nobody’s liking to beg or to suffer its mostly the situation. I’m nowdays the first one to understand when someone asks for help.
(Most people who know me well will tell you the kind of human being I am)
I try to make people around me better. Encourage and support them. I try to take better care of my family.
And guess what?
It’s not my power!! It’s GOD!! You donno your tomorrow only God knows. Just Work Harder,Smarter be persistent and never loose hope. Tomorrow will be better. Your condition is not permanent. If God raised me..why not You?? And if he raised you why not be a blessing?
Trust the PROCESS!! Pray and DON’T LOOSE HOPE!!

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