Timmy Tdat Fired From NRG Radio? He Speaks Out

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

Popular singer Timmt Tdat has been missing in action from his afternoon radio presenter job at NRG Radio alongside Mwalimu Rachel. This has sparked various rumors that he had been fired but the musician has come out to deny the validity of them.

Timmy stated that he had to take a break from the job so that he could analyze how he could balance his radio job and music career. He also added that the music business is not easy and once you stop giving your career the attention it needs, everything starts tumbling.

Kidogo natry kurearrange vitu flani amazing. Zii sikufutwa mziki ni talent ya mine na ndio nifike mahali nimefika is all about music. Na mziki I think ni profession flani iko very jealous as in ukitry kufanya na vitu zingine kidogo inaweza kuwa tricky because inahitaji time. Mziki ni inspiration hauandiki tu so nikutry tu kwanza kustep back na kuangalia vile unaweza zibalance,” said Timmy in an interview with Mwende Macharia and Clemmo.

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