Timmy Tdat’s Response To Backlash After Lifting Lady’s Dress While Dancing

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

Last weekend, Kenyan musician Timmy Tdat caused lots of uproar online after a video of him dancing with a lady on stage emerged during the Mr Eazi concert. What angered most people, especially women, was that he lifted her skirt up exposing her bare behind to the crowd without her consent.

Pulse Live caught up with the musician and interviewed him about the incident. He responded with:

“I want to take responsibility for what happened because I was in charge and could have controlled everything that happens on stage. I could have taken control of the situation. The crowd charged me, we were overwhelmed. I take full responsibility, I apologize to the girl in the question. I apologize kwa maboy child for not representing them well, and I apologize for kwa mafans.”

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