Timmy Tday Brags About Smashing Otile Brown’s Girlfriend

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

A couple of days ago Timmy Tday and Otile Brown ended up fighting after an argument while at Vanessa Mdee’s dinner party. It was recently revealed that it was because of a woman.

The two artists have been now engaging in a war of words on social media. Otile recently wrote this about Timmy:

“Kasabunians, your woman representative can’t shut his big mouth. I am playing cool but he is out here giving false information and so I wont be quiet. Wish he could say what truly happened hehehe…Never underestimate a singer or the quiet ones, utapigwa ulie”

Timmy Tdat on the other hand stated that it was not his fault his lady was loose. “Sasa kama mtu wako yuko loose kama change, si umweke kwa mfuko. Coins ni rahisi kulost na unacheza nazo karibu na shimo ya choo my G! Hope ume learn”

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