Top 10 Highest Earning Country Music Stars In 2014

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2015)

While country music may in any case appear to be appealing to a predominantly rural, or southern crowd, the truth of the matter is, in 2014 numerous country artists have effectively shed that perception, as well as traversed into the mainstream music world, appealing to everybody; from college kids at the club to the farmer in the Midwest. Moreover, in 2014 down country music performers in general are earning like never before, however not simply through their music and not exclusively in the southern United States, or even solely in the United States as a whole. Since the times of the outlaw country singer are blurring, and glossy pop-laden country music is ruling the airwaves more and more, country music is getting to be less and less a niche market and more of a global mainstream juggernaut. The ten performers listed below can attest to how it pays big to be a country star in 2014.

10. Florida Georgia Line: $24 million in 2014

Taking into account the massive accomplishment of their 7x platinum single “Cruise” and further floated by selling two million copies of their debut album, Here’s To The Good Times, the country music twosome of Florida Georgia Line are the first entry of top earners on this list for 2014. In spite of criticism from the press less than faithful flavour of country music, being called ‘bro-nation’ more than once, Florida Georgia Line don’t seem to be losing their profitability whenever soon. Their current album, Anything Goes, released on October 14, with the lead single “Dirt” has sold over a million copies while becoming number one on the Billboard Hot country Chart.


9. George Strait: $26 million in 2014

From ‘bro-country’ to a country legend, the incomparable George Strait at last chose to hang up his cowboy boots and hat and put down the guitar in 2014, yet not before leaving on the attempted, tried and true farewell tour. Strait’s aptly named Cowboy Rides Away Tour sold over a million tickets across the country and pulled in an astounding $100 million in sales. Moreover, the grand finale at AT&T Stadium in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Arlington, Texas broke not one yet two country music records by bringing in over 100,000 fans and acquiring $18 million in sales. Not a bad way for the “King of Country” to call it a profession.


8. Rascal Flatts: $27 million in 2014

In spite of Rascal Flatts being the sixth most popular group among children in the 10 to 12-year-old age range, the band has been able to keep up their commercial success. Gathering royalties on past albums that keep on selling (22 million so far), and also including an alternate chart topping album, Rewind, to their celebrated resume has helped Rascal Flatts gather $27 million in 2014. Income from the Rewind Tour with Sheryl Crow additionally has certainly added to the band’s coffers.


7. Keith Urban: $28 million in 2014

Keith Urban, the New Zealand via Australia, guitar virtuoso working two jobs as a country music entertainer and reality TV judge (genuinely, on record: boring, live: Keith Urban can stand his ground with anyone on the guitar) sits at number seven on the list of the highest earning country performers in 2014. Because of income from live shows, continued sales of his 2013 hit album Fuse, and a multi-million dollar deal signed with network TV to remain a judge on American Idol, Urban accumulated $28 million this year. Despite how you feel about his music, in case you’re a guitar player and get an opportunity to see him perform live without needing to shell out heaps of cash, go. It truly is worth it.


6. Zac Brown Band: $29 million in 2014

Despite the fact that the last full album the Zac Brown Band released was 2012’s Uncaged, sales of the album have stayed solid through 2014. The Grammy winning band additionally released a four-song EP this past spring to critical acclaim. Past the proceeding with album sales, the Zac Brown Band has stayed most profitable in 2014 on the strength of the accomplishment of their live shows, which began at the NHL’s Winter Classic outdoor game on New Year’s Day.


5. Luke Bryan: $34 million in 2014

With the seventh top rated album in the nation, paying little respect to musical style, Luke Bryan has officially crossed from country artist into the mainstream. Crash My Party, released in 2013, sold in excess of 1.5 million copies last year, and a further 500,000 in the current year. The ‘bro-country’ superstar has additionally grossed over $30 million until now on his That’s My Kind Of Night Tour which ends on October 25 in Los Angeles. While numerous purists criticize his musical style, there is no denying that the masses love Luke Bryan and that, in the same way as Florida Georgia Line, his image of “country” music isn’t going anyplace anytime soon.


4. Jason Aldean: $37 million in 2014

Also a ‘bro-country’ artist, however he obviously despises being called that, Jason Aldean may be as famous to non-country music fans for his affair with a previous American Idol contestant, yet the rocking country artist is an enormous success on the charts. Each one of Aldean’s albums has gone platinum with a million copies sold, with his most recent album Night Train even now selling admirably two years after its release. In 2014 Aldean has more than doubled his profit from a year ago, with the greater part of that cash originating from the $32 million the yet unfinished Burn It Down Tour has racked in.


3. Kenny Chesney: $44 million in 2014

How Kenny Chesney was able to make $44 million and wind up number three on this list, having recently released an album toward the end of September and having just played 29 shows so far in 2014, is a demonstration of his immense popularity. Album sales of The Big Revival have been high, with the album appearing at number one on the Billboard Top Country albums chart and actually reaching at number two on the Billboard best 200. Currently, his current tour has seen him play to in excess of 30,000 fans in every city, acquiring a millions of dollars with no indications of stopping.


2. Taylor Swift: $64 million in 2014

It shocks no one to see Taylor Swift in the main two of most top earners in country music. Although just 24, Swift has acquired a fortune, and just added to it in 2014. Her major income stream came mainly from the gigantic success of her The Red Tour which acquired over $150 million between March of 2013 and June of this current year, additionally from some very prominent and lucrative endorsement contracts with the likes of Cover Girl and Diet Coke. Swift additionally acted in the film The Giver released this past summer. Currently sitting pretty in 2014, Swift is also releasing the album 1989, which won’t just add to her financial balance this year; additionally guarantee an alternate high position on this list next year.


1. Toby Keith: $65 million in 2014

Not just the top highest earning country star in 2014, Toby Keith was the highest earning musician period in 2013. With no new album released for the current year and a tour of Australia as his just live shows, Keith made the larger part of his cash on his different business ventures in 2014, business ventures that have helped him collect a net worth of almost $500 million. Among Toby Keith’s business enterprises is a fruitful chain of bar and grills, his own record label, his own particular brand of whisky and a mega-bucks endorsement deal with Ford. Not just is Keith a wildly well known and successful country artist, additionally a deft business person making it no shock that he came as first on this list.

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