Top Unlimited Fibre To Business (Office Internet) Providers In Nairobi Kenya

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)


Having a fast reliable internet in a new office or upgrading to better internet is essential for any business or SMEs to run smoothly. The internet is becoming a major backbone to our business operations since it can be the one edge you have over your competitors by offering items like better WIFI or just giving a better working environment for your employees.

Here are the best fiber to business/Office Internet Providers With Services In Nairobi, Kenya.

1.Safaricom Fibre To Business

Safaricom is the biggest telecommunication company in Kenya and has the widest fiber optic cable reach. Some of their packages are down below. You can find more details through their site here.

There is a minimum guarantee speed for each package. In order to apply you will have to visit a sales representative or apply through the retail shop. You will need things like Business PIN, Registration certificate, ID of company contact person etc.



2. Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom offer office internet through their brand Hai Office. Their office packages are powered by a specific office strength internet connection. This will give priority bandwidth between 8am and 6pm which is when it is at the busiest time of the day.  They also have a wide coverage. Each package comes with a one off installation charge of Ksh15,000 subject to site survey. This charge is removed during promotion periods.

Here are the Hai Office Packages



3. Faiba Business

Without a doubt this is one of the most advertised unlimited fibre office internet service provider. It is powered by Jamii Telecom. The installation cost is Ksh15,000 for Faiba ready locations while other locations it will depend on the results of a survey by the technical team.

SpeedsCost (Kshs)


4. SimbaNET

This is a brand owned by Wananchi Group, the company that provides Zuku Home Internet. However, they are not as aggressive in selling their business packages as compared to their home plans in the other subsidiary.

Simbanet provides bundled services which means you will get voice, internet and TV services  in your package. This is mainly for small and medium sized firms. You will also have web hosting, domain name registration, basic TV, internet protocol telephony, security management and cloud disaster recovery tailored for SMEs

The SMEs packages include:

8mbps for Ksh10,000 a month plus 100 global voice minutes

16mbps for Ksh18,000 a month plus 200 global voice minutes

32mbps for Ksh25,000 a month plus 300 global voice minutes and 100GB cloud date back up.


Other upcoming office internet providers are like MTN Business who mainly deal with large corporate companies.

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