Trending Images and Tweets From “Baba While You Were Away”

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2014)


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been abroad for a number of months and he is coming back to Kenya. Kenyan on Twitter came up with the trending topic with the hashtag #Babawhileyouwereaway and here are some of the trending images.


1. #Babawhileyouwereaway Size 8 took it to another level

size 8 karate

size 8 karate


2. #Babawhileyouwereaway trees got thirsty

trees got thirty

3. #Babawhileyouwere away Vera Sidika removed the tints

vera sidika removed the tint

4. #Babawhileyouwereaway Mike Sonko smuggled a bikini phone


5. #Babawhileyouwereaway Kenyans joined the search of Malaysian airline flight MH3701401269609187


6. #Babawhileyouwereaway aromat made everything possible1401269632205

7. #Babawhileyouwereaway Kenya Police changed its logo1401269712346

8. #Babawhileyouwereaway the Chinese took over hawking in Nairobi1401269733709

9. #Babawhileyouwereaway Uhuru aliiba shati1401269804126

10. #Babawhileyouwereaway they found the missing piece1401269822720


#Babawhileyouwereaway they sold us to the Chines. I’m no longer Ochieng, I’m now O Chi Yeng