TROUBLE IN PARADISE? Diana Marua Deletes Bahati’s Name From Instagram Account

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2018)

Bahati and Diana Marua were trending a couple of weeks ago when news came in that there was trouble in their household after results of a secret DNA test were revealed. Apparently Bahati had ordered a paternity test for his own personal reasons.

Bahati has since blasted different blogs for reporting the news and Diana Marua on the other hand kept quiet about the whole issue.

This past weekend, a couple of photos have popped up online of Bahati at a party with fellow celebrities. It has been alleged that the singer could have been high after judgement from the photos.

Another thing that has been noticed is that Diana Marua has changed her named from Mrs Bahati to Miss Dee. She had that name on her bio for the longest time since she was married to the singer. It is not clear why the name was suddenly edited but its hard to ignore that something may be up in their relationship.