“You are the Only True Husband in My Life” Akothee Mourns Death of a Loved One

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2017)

Kenyan musician Akothee and her family are in mourning period after the loss of her beloved grandfather James Ogendi. She took to social media to share the news with her fans and share some memories of her grandfather.

Sometime back in August, Akothee revealed that her grandfather was very ill but he made the effort to come see her the moment he felt all was not well with Akothee. This selfless action warmed the hearts of many.

Akothee eulogized her grandfather with this post:

I wanted to enjoy the litle I have with you , thats the reason I built my home next to you , my heart is directly connected to you , You are the only true husband in my life , you are the only one who understands and take all my bulshit , (wereuru gi Nyogoro ,to un ukia ni Akoth nyogoro anot janeko ka ogoro mane achake , ) I always wondered why your feet was cold , I would breakdown but never allow you to see me cry , ooh yes I have been praying to God to give me strength to accept when nature calls , I dint and never believed you are old , When I ask you of your age, you tell me endless unconnected stories , so you left me 2 assignments as most of them I cleared while you were alive , I promise you , I will do them , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA FARE THEE WELL OSIEPNA JAMES OGENDI , ITIEKA CHUTH RATEGO. JOMATEK BE ODINO YOO

She has shared more photos of her grandfather on her Instagram account expressing how much she misses him.