The Type Of Man Citizen TV’s Terryanne Chebet Desires

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2016)


Terryanne is one of the top news anchors and journalists in our local tv stations. Outside TV, she is a businesslady. She owns a successful beauty line called “Keyara Organics” and also owns fledgling company ‘Scarlet Digital’.

Terryanne is a single mum to a beautiful daughter called Imani. She is still open to love and while speaking to Baby Love Network she reveal the kind of man she would like

“I wanna settle down. I want to fall in love – madly, stupidly – someday… soon… It’s easy to give up on love while on the other side of 35…. But I am hopeful – even as I enjoy my space. I want to come back home to a great man, and make a nice meal for him. And, by the way, I am not settling for ordinary love. It has to be a man who really loves me, who thinks about me when he opens his eyes in the morning – I still believe in fairy tales – And I believe the Bible doesn’t express love any less. That it is honest, with overflowing kindness…. I am looking forward to a SMART guy…. I am turned on by good conversations – books, finances, world economics, humour… He has to be a man of God.”