Uganda’s Kiira Produces The First Solar Bus In Africa (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2016)

Ugandan motor company Kiira Motors is really putting a lot of effort into coming up with unique African cars. They recently unveiled a new bus that actually runs on solar power.

The bus is called Kayoola was fitted with large solar panels at the top of the bus which will charge the batteries of the car. Now the company responsible is looking for a partner to manufacture the bus for the mass market.

Here are some photos.

Kiira-Motors-kayoola-1 (1) Kiira-Motors-kayoola-1 Kiira-Motors-kayoola-2 Kiira-Motors-kayoola-3 Kiira-Motors-kayoola-4 Kiira-Motors-kayoola-5 Kiira-Motors-kayoola-6