How Uhuru Kenyatta Was Left Stranded In Ghana For 15 Minutes

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2016)


A president’s timetable is usually tight and 99% on time because of various security concerts so he shouldn’t left to wait for anything.

We are all aware that President Uhuru Kenyatta was recently in Ghana to celebrate their 59th year of independence. He reciprocated the gesture since the president of Ghana John Dramani Mhama was also in Kenya last year.

When the ceremony ended, Uhuru Kenyatta and Guinea Bissau’s Jose Mario Vaz were left standing in the sun for 15 minutes as if they were waiting for a matatu. The host president was long gone by then. The look on Uhuru’s face, not good but still priceless.


The ex president Jerry John Rawlings noticed something was wrong with the protocols and took it upon himself to keep President Kenyatta company. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration ran around sorting out the matter.


That was quite an experience as a president.

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