How To Use Your Equitel Line

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2015)


Equitel is Equity Bank’s venture into the lucrative mobile money industry which Safaricom dominates with over Ksh30 billion in M-Pesa revenue. In order to get an Equitel line you need to have an active Equity Bank account. Once you have this, you just visit your nearest Equity Bank branch that provides Equitel lines and the customer care will link up your Equitel line with your bank account.

So how do you access some of Equitel services?

1. How to check for Equitel airtime balance.

Dial *100#. A menu will appear and the first option is balance inquiry. To buy airtime go to the Equitel icon and pick “My Phone” then pick “Buy Airtime”.


2. How to buy data bundles on Equitel

This is done by dialing *100# and picking the 3rd option


1000MB @ Ksh750

500MB @ Ksh500

100MB @ Ksh110

50MB @ Ksh60

20MB @ Ksh25

5MB @ Ksh6

To check for your data bundle balance you have to go to the option of buying data bundle then go to the 7th option.


3. Equitel call rate charges

Equitel basically charges the same amount as Safaricom

Equitel to Equitel Ksh4 per minute

Equitel to other networks Ksh4 per minute

Equity employees and Equity agents Ksh2 per minute


4. How to use Equitel Mobile Banking and transaction charges

All you have to do is go to the Equitel icon and pick “My Money”. Here are the mobile money charges

a) Check balance – Ksh0

b) Deposit – Ksh0

c) Send money to Equity accounts – 1% of the transaction value up to a maximum charge of Ksh25.

d) Send money to M-Pesa – 1% of the transaction value (to max of Ksh27.5) plus a varying termination fee charged by Safaricom which was previously Ksh33. You can know more about the charges here.  This has a single transaction limit of Ksh35,000 and a daily transaction limit of Ksh140,000.

e) Eazzy Loan – 2% per month interest rate.


Equitel was mainly introduced for mobile banking and for the customers to easily access their Equity Bank Accounts on the go. As for internet speeds, they should be the same or lower than Airtel internet speeds.

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