How Various Celebrities Celebrated Their Christmas (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2016)

The 2017 Christmas came, people celebrated and it has now passed. So what did your favorite celebrities do on this special day? Here we give a glimpse into the Christmas celebrations of a couple of them.

1. Bahati

He was at Happy Life Children’s home spending time with the kids together with the CrossOver 101 crew.

2. Dj Creme dela Creme

Was at the airport headed for a Christmas gig. Was together with Gmoney, Dj Hassan and Dj Grauchi.

3. Dj Joe Mfalme

Working as always


4. Dj Mo

Hosting the Crossover 101 show before heading home later to wife Size 8


5. Elani’s Bryan Chweya

Spent time with family


6. Jalango

Was at his mum’s home where they have a massive party


7. Julie Gichuru

Spent time with her family


8. Kalekye Mumo

Was at her parents’ home


9. Mwai Kibaki

Spent time with his grand kids


10. Owago Onyiro

Was in shagz


11. Sauti Sol

Hang out with their fans


12. Vera Sidika

Was in Dar es Salaam for a gig


13. Willy Paul

Had a great time with this young lady

14. Larry Madowo

With family in France. He just had to leave the country

15. Amina

Amina and King Tumi had lots of fun doing lots of photography

16. Janet Mbugua

Large family lunch.

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