Vera Sidika and Body Guard Badly Injured By Pendo

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2016)

vera pendo

It looks like there is so much hate between two stars of the socialite reality series Nairobi Diaries and this time it turned bloody. Vera Sidika has claimed that socialite and self proclaimed musician Pendo hit her and her bodyguard with a bottle last night that left Vera and her bodyguard injured badly.

From the videos Vera Sidika posted on Snapchat, we get to see the bodyguard’s hand with a very deep cut that needed stitches while Vera was injured on her foot and will need some x-rays to determine if she has any internal injury. The broken glasses also gave her cuts on her hand but not very serious ones. Vera has vowed to get Pendo arrested.

vera vs pendo

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