Vera Sidika Dumped Her Mzungu Boyfriend For This and Maybe Otile Brown Should Watch Out

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

Sometime back, some photos of Vera Sidika being all lovey dovey with a mzungu man while in the United States but she left him then shortly afterwards started dating Otile Brown.

Vera recently revealed during an interview why that relationship with the mzungu ended and it turns out it was due to age difference plus the distance. She said:

“That situation is very tricky. First of all the long distance and he is young. He looks very buffy because he is a bodybuilder. He looks like he is probably in his 30’s.”

“He was 26 as of last year and I was 27. Most people think he was older than me or my sponsor. He is a very young guy with dreams and goals he is still chasing and I felt like the distance thing wasn’t going to work. I want to focus on building this brand as i am almost 30. In two years i will be thirty so…..”

Otile Brown claims he is currently 24 which means he is way much younger than the mzungu guy so let’s just wait and see whether he will not undergo the same cut.

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