Vera Sidika Exposed As A Prostitute

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2015)

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Vera Sidika is for sure one of the richest socialites in Kenya who enjoys a high end lifestyle full of luxurious items. She drives a BMW X5 and has so many expensive designer shoes.

She also recently spent a fortune to change her skin colour and get breast implants. In an interview she once said this was good for business and it will earn her more money.

Vera also claims to have a rich Nigerian boyfriend who buyers her all these expensive things. Even the Ksh450,000 weave.

Well somebody who runs Instagram account The seeker of truth claims to have exposed Vera Sidika to be a high end prostitute who charges around $15,000 (Ksh1.4 million) plus first class tickets if they live abroad.

In order to try save her public image it seems Vera has changed her Instagram name again from @queenveebossette to @queenveebosset

This is what her official Facebook account says her Instagram account is

vera exp vera sidika instagram

Check at how her fans refer to her in the last two comments and the name of the account in this screenshot. Its clear the name has been changed


This is not the first time she has changed her Instagram account name. Check out one of our posts from May last year HERE

Check out how it unfolded and how she was exposed

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