Vera Sidika Finally Recovers Her Hacked Instagram Account

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

One of Kenya’s most popular socialites, Vera Sidika, is once again a happy woman after she recovered her Instagram account which had been hacked a month ago. She had grown her following to over 630,000 over the years and had to get a new account to start all over again.

The hackers had deleted her large archive of photos that took years to build but recovering them may not be possible. She posted a celebratory post of herself in Dubai and captioned it: You can strip me off everything I have and tomorrow I’ll go get it all again.Hate me. Shake me. Try to break me, I’ll get back up, dust it off & adjust my crown like the Queen I am.
I’m baaaaaaack! 👑QVB👑

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