Vera Sidika Flaunts Bracelet Worth Half A Million Shillings (PHOTO)

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

Without a doubt we all know Vera Sidika is one of the richest socialites we have in Kenya. She makes millions from endorsement deals and event hosting in addition to her other ‘private business’ abroad. We constantly see her flying abroad business class in the prestigious Emirates Airline and this shows money is not a problem.

Like most other women, Vera loves jewellery. She spares no coin when it comes to spoiling herself. Recently, she revealed on her Snapchat account that she got herself a Tiffany & Co T square 18k gold bracelet worth around $5,200 (Ksh520,000). You can buy a nice used car with that amount.

She loved her new purchase so much that she is planning to buy a Tiffany & Co 18k white gold bracelet with princess cut diamonds medium worth around $47,000 (Ksh4.7 million).

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