Vera Sidika Living Her Dream As She Flies On A Private Jet (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

It looks like Vera Sidika has scored herself a rich sponsor in the United States since she posted photos of herself flying in a luxurious private jet. We all know Vera is rich but not rich enough to own or rent a whole private jet for herself.

She also recently posted photos of herself in a luxurious mansion in the Beverly Hills which some speculated belonged to multimillionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The bootilicious socialite captioned the photos: “I cheated on my Fears….broke up with my Doubts…got engaged to my Faith…now I’m marrying my Dreams ✨#Private,”


This is inside the crib located in Beverly Hills California, a location where most of the rich and famous people in the United States are located.

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